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How to play Pokemon GO

how to play pokemon go

Excited to Play Pokemon GO !!!!! here are some indications that will guide you play Pokemon Go. As we know it is already being played in some countries and there is nothing official to reach India. The first thing is to create a Pokemon trainer, the game will provide you a number of different features and you can choose which …

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Android page design changes: goodbye to Android One?

Android One Missing

Yesterday, Google introduced us the latest version of its, Nougat Android operating system . We were all waiting to know the name of Android N. It seems that it was not the only novelty that turns on the Android world. The page has undergone a major redesign and removed a section that had an important role, Android One. We will …

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32 new Android Nougat features you should know


Android Nougat, this is how the new version of Android will be called, it is the direct jump from Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) to Android 7.0. This new version brings many features that many of us have been waiting for several versions of Android. Something to keep in mind is that the changes that Android 7.0 offers focus more on environment just like the …

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The next version of Android: Android Nougat

The next version of android is Android Nougat

After Marshmallow follows Android nougat : So far, the nickname of the upcoming Android-main version only the first letter was known, now Google has the secret revealed . All Android major versions carry a nickname the names of desserts. In the third quarter 2016 Google wants to have completed work on Android nougat. Since March 2016, the public can work …

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Best screen protector for mobile phone

Liquid screen protector for mobile

  My eyes hurt to see people with a mobile piece of art and screen shambles. If you are a careless person, the first thing you should do when buying a new smartphone is buy a screen protector for mobile , and everything you need to protect your phone . For those who have no idea of how to choose the perfect …

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