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3 easy steps to Free up Space on Android [How to]

With the Increase in number of Android Lovers, more and more people keep searching for ways  to Free Up Space on their Androd Device. So here i am gonna explain on How to Free Up Space on Android Phone in 3 easy steps.

How to Free Up Space on Android Device

 Step 1 : Scan your Phone

Free up Space on Android

Where did your Space go? Who is occupying? First of all see the applications that take up more space on your mobile. You can use DiskUsage that I particularly like. Select Show Internal Only and and the Graphics are automatically shown on which apps take up more room on your phone.

Step 2 : Move Applications to SD

Free up Space on Android - App2SD

Many of you have heard thisconcept somewhere, but what does it mean? As you know, when you install the applications on the Android, they are saved in the internal memory. At first there is no problem, but as we keep installing, your terminal will run out of space. And now, what do you do? Well, one way is to move applications to the SD, to occupy part of the SD and part of the internal memory, increasing your available space.

Now you might be interesting in knowing how to Move Apps to SD.

Method I: Moving Applications to SD


Note that all applications cannot be moved to SD Card. Only those indicated that can moved in the app can be done.

You can just use the application App2SD can do it by

  • Settings>Applications>The Application to be moved>Move to SD

Method II: (Only if have Rooted Device)

If you are root and want to move all applications to the SD, you just have to have the SD partitioned and a ROM that supports App2SDThen with the above methods you can move all applications to the SD.

Step 3 : Clear Cache and Data

Free up Space on Android - App Cache CleanerAll your applications are generating and storing dataNormally it does not take much, but in applications like browsers or twitter, they can take  few MBs of storage. Thus, a good way to save a little is wiping the cache and data from time to time.

We again have two options:

  • Settings>Applications>Desired App>Clear Data/Clear Cache
  • Use an app like App Cache Cleaner that will make everything easier

Conclusion: Install Few Applications

I know, this would not help much, but you might pay some attention to this section. The average optimal applications on your phone should not exceed 40-50 applications . Having many more applications can slow down your phones performance and of course take up more space.

I hope I was clear on how to free up space on your Android. And you can find many more tips like these in our Tips and Tricks Section.

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